Terms of Service

Return and Exchange Policies:

  1. Transactions can be cancelled up to 14 days after receival of the items.
  2. Cancellations are accepted via fax/mail/email.
  3. Regarding purchase cancellations which are not due to defects or to non-receival of the items on the appointed date, or any other breach of the contract, the customer’s payment will be refunded upon the item’s arrival at the company’s storage house, with the delivery fee (11 Euros) deducted from the total sum to be refunded, as detailed in the terms of service. The item shall be returned to the company’s storage house at the customer’s expense.
  4. Regarding purchase cancellations due to defects or non-receival of the items on the appointed date, or any other breach of the contract, the customer’s payment will be refunded upon the item’s arrival at the company’s storage house. The item will be returned at the company’s expense.
  5. All items must be returned in their original packaging.
  6. The company will give the customer a copy of the notification of payment-cancellation which the company sent to the credit card company.
  7. ‘Ktech International’ guarantees the item’s proper functioning, for one year’s time from the day of purchase, to the purchaser only; he whose name and the name of his purchased item are signed on this document. This document must be provided in order for the company to accept the item for repair.
  8. If there are any taxes in the destination country, they will apply on the customer.

This guarantee does not cover the following cases:

  1. Malfunction caused by operating the item not according to the instructions.
  2. Malfunction caused by irregular power supply, lightning, rain, the item’s becoming wet; the item falling into liquid; fire, the item’s falling; a break, crack, or split caused by any reason; a higher power, the item becoming contaminated by sand, liquid and so forth; negligence or carelessness.
  3. Malfunction caused by external sources, such as:

Plug, cable, plastic parts, paint, scratches, rubber, rubber bands or Bakelite, on the shaver head.

Malfunction caused by damage incurred at the time of the item’s delivery.

  1. Malfunction of item whose details or number were changed or removed, or item which was altered, treated or repaired by an uncertified repair shop.
  2. Liability for delivery of item in need for repair is the customer’s alone, and at his expense.


Ktech-Europe is a website for retail of Kosher shavers, shaving instruments and accessories.

Registered Business: 025423799

The use of and/or purchase at this website is subject to the rules and regulations detailed in these ‘terms of service’.

Rules and Regulations

Any individual with a valid credit card in his possession, issued to him lawfully by one of the credit card companies, is permitted to participate and purchase the items.

Schedule of Website Offices

Schedule and prices for delivery are according to delivery regulations, as they appear on the website. All orders depart on Friday mornings, and are provided 10 business days from day after confirmation of the credit card company.

Speedy delivery is available: up to 3 business days, with extra charge to be paid for delivery.

User Information

During the purchasing process, you will be requested to provide the following information: Full name, address, email address and telephone number.

The purchase cannot be completed without providing all the information above.

In addition to that written above, in the case of credit card use, the completion of purchase is dependent upon the credit card company’s confirmation. 

For Your Attention!

Providing false information is a criminal offense. According to law Ktech Europe guards the right to cancel the sale and to take appropriate legal steps in court, against those providing false information.

Privacy Policy

The information provided is solely for purposes of the purchase or service. The information is used solely to perform this task and the tasks derived from it (as in: charging the customer, creating a receipt, etc.) The information is not passed on to any other party, other than what is needed in order to complete the task (as in: providing the information to the credit card company). In the case that you send us an email, we will use the address from which you sent for purposes of sending a reply, but not for any other purposes. We will not provide this email address with any other party. We do not use the credit card details which you provide for any other purposes other than carrying out the payment, and we do not pass the information on to any other party, apart for this purpose.


The payment is carried out with credit card, according to the agreement between the credit card companies, unless agreed otherwise in writing, during the purchase process.

Order Cancelation

Ktech Europe guards the right to cancel any purchase if it comes to the conclusion that a personal mistake has occurred, and/or a technical mistake of the item’s display and/or the item’s price and/or the payment regulations has occurred. In such a case, an appropriate message will be sent to the email address and/or via the telephone number, as it was provided by the purchaser in the purchase process.

Additional Regulations:

  1. The website and/or the supplier will take care of supplying the item purchased on the website. The manner of delivery is by means of a delivery company, chosen according to the service area of the customer and according to the needs of the company, to the address as it was typed in the ‘address for delivery’ on the purchase form. It will be delivered up until the date written on the vending page of the item, unless expressly noted otherwise.
  2. The vendor/supplier will act in order to supply the item according to the supply regulations written of the vending page, and this is dependent upon full payment via credit card. The website and/or the supplier will not be responsible for delay in carrying out the supplying of the item in the following cases, unless the delay was caused by negligence of the company.
    • A high force, and without detracting from the general definition mentioned above: War, offensive action, emergency situation and natural disaster.
    • Strike of the service supplier or the merchandise needed for production and/or delivery of the items.